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Bahram Sadry's Weblog
Geotourism Research Freelancer & lecturer 

Bahram N. Sadry was born in Tabriz, Iran  in 1973; He has been graduated in Mining Eng.(exploration field) from the Azad Univ.of Lahidjan, Northern Iran. He  has had some exploration successes in 1999. 
Bahram successfully completed intensive studies in Tabriz  and received his certification as an official Tour Guide in Iran (2003). He has worked for more than ten years on governmental and non-governmental organizations in geology and mining projects and domestic tour-guiding in Iran and has been deeply involved in the development of concepts and practical approaches to the issue of geotourism in Iran, since 2005. Bahram has a professional experience on geoscience and tour-guiding.
In 2006, Mr. Sadry prepared a Geo-tour Guide Training Course for Government as a pioneer work and then in 2008, He prepared a geotourism syllabus for P.N. University in Iran for geology students and at the same time he wrote his 'fundamentals of geotourism' for Tourism students in Iran.
In 2009, He gained a MSc in Physical Geography-geomorphology(Geotourism independently studies), from the University of Tehran, and proposed Jolfa Region as a second potential Geopark of Iran for Government as a result of his MSc thesis.

As a matter of fact, in the last ten years, Bahram has been actively involved in the publication of some books. 

Bahram is the author of the textbook:  fundamentals of geotourism: with emphasis on Iran and He defined the term geotourism beyond  the normal confines of Europe and Australasia(2009). He is the co-author of the two textbooks: “Climate and Weathering” for  Geography Master Students(2010) and ”Geotourism"( for geology students) in Bachelor level (2011) at the national level in Iran.

Mr. Sadry is the recipient of the Dr. Ganji Scientific Award from the University of Tehran in 2012 for his outstanding research works as a young geographer in national level in Iran .
In 2012, Bahram N. Sadry has been invited as a lecturer and now lectures in Tourism at the Science and Culture University in Tehran, specializing in Geotourism for Master students.
And now He works as an adjunct lecturer and Geotourism Research Freelancer.His research interests include geotourism particularly in  geo-interpretation and geo-conservation
Mr. Sadry lives in Tehran with his wife, Sima, and their six-year-old daughter, Niusha.
In 2014 he could able to marking a beginning of the official geotour guide training courses( as a pioneer work submitted to government from 7 years ago) for the first time in Iran . He currently serves as Vice - Chancellor for the University of Applied Science and Technology (Homa Hotel Group’s branch) in Tehran.