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Key Geotourism Elements

A  more holistic approach to geoconservation, is  ensuring a sound future for the physical or abiotic resources of the planet, we must learn to work with nature rather than seeking to dominate or subjugate it (Gray,2003);Geoconservation measures coupled with tourism promotion are key geotourism elements( Hose,2006), Also  in the book , fundamentals of Geotourism(Sadry,2009),the  Author mentioned that   :      ... It  is better to consider  geoconservation         through   geotourism window

A. Tourism Promotion
     Tourism elements of Geotourism industry   (see             Newsome& Dowling, 2006 ;and Sadry 2009)  :
1.     Planning and Management of Geosites
2.     Geo-Interpretation 
3.     Geo-Activities
4.     Geo-Tours
5.     Accomodation
6.    Geological ,Geomorphologial and Mining Heritage  Attractions

B. Geoconservation Measures

     To Finding out more about geo- conservation :
  Finding out more about geo- conservation**
European association for geological conservation
English Nature* 
Government agency responsible for geological conservation in England
Scottish Natural Heritage
Government agency responsible for geological conservation in Scotland
Environment and Heritage Service, Northern Ireland
Government department responsible for geological conservation in Northern Ireland
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Government agency responsible for the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) and for UK-wide geological conservation issues.
Countryside Agency*
Government Agency responsible for countryside issues including landscape protection
Association of RIGS groups in the UK
The Geology Trusts
A partnership of RIGS groups working as ‘trusts’
Various websites, for example
GeoConservation Commission of the Geological Society of London
The GeoConservation Commission is a forum for geological conservation in the UK. The major organisations and groups interested in geological conservation are represented on the commission
Countryside Council for Wales
Government agency responsible for geological conservation in Wales

British Institute for Geological Conservation
An independent group of geoscientists committed to geological conservation
See ProGEO website
Geologists’ Association
An organisation serving the interests of both
amateur and professional geologists in the UK
Geological Society of London
UK national society for professional geoscientists, hosts the GeoConservation Commission
Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site Team
Management of the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site

Selection and inscription of World Heritage Sites
European Geopark Network
Coordination of European Geoparks
Geological Curators Group
An organisation dedicated to improving the status of geology in museums and raising the standard of geological curation
Natural History Museum
Promotion and curation of world class rock,
fossil and mineral collections
British Geological Survey
National geological survey for Great Britain
Quaternary Research Association
Organisation for Quaternary research
British Geomorphological Research Group
Professional organisation for eomorphologists
in Great Britain
British Caving Association
Organisation for British caving
Palaeontological Society
Professional organisation for palaeontologists
Nationwide club for young geologists

* From October 2006, the current roles of English Nature, the Landscape, Access and Recreation division of the Countryside Agency and the environment activities of the Rural Development Service will be brought together to form a new independent body – Natural England.
Source : English Nature 2006,

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