Friday, October 21, 2011

Geo- Tourism Education

After releasing the first comprehensive book on the subject Geotourism in 2006, now geotourism education is gradually emerging in  some countries but generally speaking, interdisciplinary nature of geotourism makes it difficult for easily developing.

Now, geotourism education is divided into the two formal educational programmes in  the few countries, such as: Iran, Australia, and  in Pakistan.

1.     the geology programme

In Iran , at Payame Noor University, Bachelor‘s degree courses on geology offer optional geotourism unit. And the Earth Science Division of the University, introduced a new geotourism reference book, written by B. Nekouie Sadry and  B. Hajalilou in 2011, in the PNU’ self-study style, for geology students.

2.     the tourism programme

A. “In Australia, at Edith Cowan University in Perth, a geotourism unit is offered in the tourism programme as part of a tourism degree in a faculty of business” (Newsome and Dowling , 2010) for tourism students.

B. The book,” Fundamentals of Geotourism” written by B. Nekouie-Sadry, offered for all faculties of tourism management in Iran.
Samt organization  in Iran listed this book in 2009, as tourism management curriculum supplement in Bachelor and Master  level for the geography of tourism units.
Also, a geotourism unit offered in the ecotourism Master programmes in Iran and recently at Science and Culture University in Tehran aforementioned textbook introduced as a  source book to students.

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