Thursday, January 13, 2011

The concept of Geosite

    What is Geosite ?

The tourism component of geotourism  involves visitation  to geosites !

Geosites (geological sites , Geomorphological sites(or Geomorpho-sites), mining sites ,adventure based sites) needs to Geo-conservation measures(Sadry,2009); The human dimension  reflected in tourism activity, and indeed the tourism component of geotourism  involves visitation to geosites (Newsome& Dowling ,2006); Therefore, All  selected geodiversities  considered as potential geosites , after providing tourism infrastructures and geoconservation measures  will be change to a real geosites, and as a geotourism destination(Sadry,2009),And Finally there may be various forms of geosite planning and management in place(Newsome& Dowling ,2006).

Geosites is divided into two parts or two sections of  geotourism destination :      
1.       Primary Geosites (some of those generally mentioned above)
2.       Secondary Geosites ( such as : Geo-Museum , For more info about secondry geosites see Hose 2005 and 2006)
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