Friday, April 15, 2011

Space Tourism or Space Geo-tourism?

 Space Tourism  or  Space Geo-tourism ?

Observing the earth from above, mentioned by the author (Sadry, 2009: 103) as a ‘Geotouristic Attraction’, and ‘‘Space tourism’’ is somewhat interchangeable with the extended geotourism to space and  the future of geo-tourism from space for general people  would be achievable with proper interpretation and facilities in space.

Space geo-tourism would tell the story of our place in the cosmos and as a popular science for anyone curious about the earth science in a holistic manner with the view from above. From this point of view, the planet earth would be a big geosite for interpretation.

Sadry , BN(2009) Fundamentals of Geotourism: with a special emphasis on Iran, Samt Organization Publishing, Tehran, Iran( English summary available online at  :