Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Geo-Tourism Misconceptions: “Geological Tourism” or “General Tourism" in Sustainable Manner”?

There are some questions, actually misconceptions about geotourism, and when googling geotourism, there are lots of confusing things about this term ,So I want to try to clear up for you.
First of all 'Geological Tourism is one of the multiple components of  Sustainable Tourism Industry' .But unfortunately the latest redefinition of sustainable tourism, called "Geo-tourism"by the Travel Industry Association of America in 2002. Therefore this term makes a lot of confusing things for users who finding some articles about Geological and landscape tourism(or true geo-tourism), Eventually,in my mind “ G-Tourism” or "Sus-Tourism"or even “good –tourism”,  is a probable better term for calling this redefinition of sustainable tourism in place of  “General(sustainable)Tourism”,because ,it’s not a brand. 
In fact , the National Geographic Society create a concept in its own image, so aforementioned redefinition of sustainable tourism, is not related to Geological and landscape tourism concepts and viewpoints. 
On the other hand, the concept of identity of a place , geographically ,emerges entirely on geopark philosophy and it seems that there is no need to any insisting on sustainability with coining confusing things and  words, because coining the word “geographically tourism” as sustainable tourism concepts seems to be  a  journalistic  action and It is not an academic investigation on a  new branch of sustainable tourism in the 21st century, such as abiotic nature sustainability investigations by experts in the world .
But the establishing of “Geo-Parks” with focus on geological heritage,  and on  cultural, historical and scenic values and the whole of environment and heritage in a restricted palce, is the applicable way to obtain sustainable development in some 'isolate fast growing islands' in the world.