Friday, January 14, 2011


Geo - Interpretative  provision     

“ The key to making geotourism  accepted by tourists is through  proper  interpretation”(Dowling&  Newsome  2006). Geointerpretaion  is  an Art of story-telling in order to give their audience really great Geo-tours!

There  are the 15 basic principles of modern interpretation(Beck  & Cake  1998):

1.   Lighting a Spark
2.   Interpreting in the Information Age
3.    Importance  of the Story
4.    Provocation
5.    Holistic  Interpretation
6.    Interpretation Throughout  the  Lifespan
7.    Bringing the  Past  Alive
8.    Modern  Tools  of Interpretation
9.     Enough  is  Enough
10.  Technique  Before  Art
11.   Interpretive  Writing m
12.  Attracting Support and Making Friends
13.  Interpreting  Beauty
14.  Promoting  Optimal  Experience
15.  Passion

Interpretation  preparation make understanding of geology possible for general people and bring Geology on Our Door step with proper interpretation( Sadry 2009). Also  An  interpretative strategy, such as geotourism , should generate the public  pressure  required  for  the  promotion and  protection  of  the ‘geoheritage’(Hose,2005). Geotourism’s success depends upon identifying and promoting its physical basis, knowing and understanding its user base and, perhaps most difficult but most importantly, developing and widely disseminating communicatively competent interpretative media(Hose 2006).

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