Saturday, September 3, 2011

Geotourism finds new life in modern era!

 Thomas A. Hose, the father of modern geo-tourism ,who defined geotourism in 1995 for the first time in the world.(Pic.Source:

geo-tourism (in modern era)is a term promoted in modern era by Thomas Alfred Hose,
And his latest definition of geotourism is “The provision of interpretative and service facilities for geosites and geomorphosites and their encompassing topography, together with their associated in-situ and ex-situ artefacts, to constituency-build for their conservation by generating appreciation, learning and research by and for current and future generations".

In addition, modern geotourism concepts promoted world widely by Ross kingston Dowling and David Newsome through publishing the first comperehensive geotourism book in 2006 and then by Bahram Nekouie Sadry this concept elevated in status as a new approach in tourism industry (namely: Abiotic Nature-Based Tourism industry),in the world ,in 2009 - further than a new niche tourism - For More details please go to the Blog Archives in 2011.