Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Inauguration of Training Course on “ Official Geotour Guiding" in Iran

After Inauguration ceremony of the first Official Geotour guide training course at the faculty of Tourism Science in the University of Science and Culture, - in the morning of April 10th, 2014- , in Iran , all geotourism students and Official geotour guide trainees from different academic disciplines experienced their first scientific field visit in Northwestern Iran on 18 May 2014 under supervision of Bahram N. Sadry , geo-course designer and executive director of the first geotour guiding courses, and the geotourism textbooks writer, in Iran.

Some of Geotour guide trainees and geotourism MSc students visiting  Asiab kharabe potential geosite in the proposed geopark of Iran to the UNESCO  ( Jolfa region, Northwestern Iran)
And Bottom:
Famous Road cutting in the globe ( Outcrop available in the 55 Km Zanjan - Tabriz Highway) as an other potential geosite for geotourism promotion in I.R.Iran. 
About aforementioned outcrop Please Find out more at:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hearing the death of Dr. Bojan Erhartic

 Sorrowfully ,Our colleague  of the IAG working group on Geomorphosites
And Pioneer on geomorphological sites research & geoturism Research  in Slovenia, Dr. Bojan Erhartic, passed away!

I sat down when  he was done,
I couldn't say anything,
I buried my face in my hands,
the last words in my heart said, "goodbye Bojan”

Message from Prof. Emmanuel Reynard about the accident

Dear colleagues of the IAG working group on Geomorphosites,

We are very sad to inform you that our Slovenian colleague Bojan Erhartic (born in 1979), from the Anton Melik Geographical Institute in Ljubjana, some days ago in a flight accident. According to our colleague Blaz Komac, he was on a flight across the Julian Alps and when flying back to the Portorož airport the airplane hit an electric cable, the wing was tear off and the plane crashed.

Bojan has been very active, with his colleagues of the Geographical institute, in the working group on Geomorphosites. He was a pioneer on geomorphological sites research in Slovenia and developed several studies on the Slovenian geomorphological heritage and geotourism, and participated actively to the development of the Slovenian school of geomorphology. Several of us met him at the last Conference on Geomorphology on Paris, where he was plenty of projects for the future.

All our condolences to his family and colleagues,

For the whole working group,
Emmanuel, Paola and Fabien
Emmanuel Reynard
Université de Lausanne, Institut de géographie et durabilité, Géopolis, CH – 1015 Lausanne

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tourism industry in geopraks

The multidisciplinary nature of the concept of Geopark and  tourism promotion in geoparks, in the holistic nature, differentiates itself from other models of sustainable tourism. In fact, sustainable tourism promotion in geopark actually encompasses many of the subdivisions of sustainable tourism including: geotourism (geo-site tourism: as a basic factor), community-based tourism and integrated rural tourism(as a vital needs), ecotourism, cultural heritage tourism and etc. Finally tourism promotion in Geopark, as a geographically sustainable and applicable tourism model, aims to sustains, or even enhances, the  geographical character of a place.